Relieve Your Menopause Symptoms Naturally And Reach Your Ideal Body Weight Using Best Scientific Evidence

Hi, I’m Magdalena. I’m a menopause coach, biologist and nutritionist.

I’m here to help you relieve your menopause symptoms naturally and to reach and keep your ideal healthy body weight. I will guide and support you along the way.

My life’s passion and mission is to empower women’s health and healing by providing the latest nutrition and lifestyle medicine research. And to enable women to make informed dietary and lifestyle choices based on the best available scientific evidence.

Evidence-based coaching – I’m a biologist and am interested in science. When it comes to making life-and-death decisions as important as what to feed yourself and your family, as far as I’m concerned there’s only one question: What does the best available balance of evidence say right now?

And that’s what my coaching program is based on. And all the tools I am teaching now I tested myself when I was going through menopause. As I have been where you are now.